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Dental Direkt Affiliations

Why Dental Direkt Zirconia Crowns ?

Innovative Technologies for Oral Health Care that are widely recognized and well established.

Made in Germany

Lifetime Warranty

Largest Colour Shades

45 lac + Customers

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Everything from a single source – this is us!

By choosing Dental Direkt, dentists and dental technicians today bank upon the expertise of Germany’s biggest manufacturer of zirconium oxide for dental crowns and veneers use. Our production processes are the result of extensive research and development, and are advanced continuously.

Whether high-strength, high translucent or super translucent, whether industrial precolored (monochrome and polychrome) or for coloring through liquid infiltration – Dental Direkt offers the right material concept for every workflow and every indication.

Dental Direkt: Best Zirconia Crowns in India

Crowns for teeth provide many benefits like reinforcing the structure of the tooth, improving the tooth’s function and being used to cap or cover teeth after a root canal treatment and many more. Crowns for teeth are usually made from a variety of materials. While most dental crowns today are Ceramic crowns, the ceramic can be layered over Zirconia, which is the most widely used material these days preferred by both the dentist and patients. Zirconia teeth caps are known to provide great results – making your teeth and smile more appealing. 

We have provided more information about choosing the best crowns and  Zirconia crowns in India on our blog How to choose best dental crowns in India

There are many benefits that Zirconia teeth caps provide. Zirconia crowns are metal free and more long-lasting. They have high strength and give best aesthetics compared to the conventional metal-ceramic crowns, making them the preferred choice among all dental crowns. The crowns made from Zirconium dioxide are without any doubt the most preferred dental crowns in India

For further information read Zirconia Crown Advantages

Dental Direkt, the German company found in 1998 is the #1 manufacturer of Zirconia in Europe. The company provides superior quality Zirconia in India through its franchisee Dental Direkt India. Now you can get German Made Zirconia Crowns sitting in your home country. The company offers a variety of other exclusive dental products as well. You can check the listing of these products on our website. 

Dental Direkt is a German Company. The company was founded in 1998 and has more than 45 lakh worldwide happy customers. The product Zirconium dioxide is made using advanced German technology to give the best and metal free aesthetic look to the teeth. The bio-compatible products come in large varieties with a Lifetime Warranty. Dental Direkt India is a franchisee of Dental Direkt Germany that offers the best Zirconia crowns in India.

Zirconia crown vs. Metal crown

High Strength
Natural Look
Safer For Patient
Worse Fit
Less Durable
Less Safer
Non Biocompatible
Zirconia crowns vs Metal Crowns

Our Products

Zirconium dioxide

White zirconium dioxide/ Precolored zirconium dioxide

Zirconium dioxide DD cubeX²® – Super High Translucent (SHT)

Zirconium dioxide DD cube ONE® – High Translucent Plus (HT+) with increased fracture toughness

DD Bio ZX² color – High Translucent (HT)

Zirconium dioxide DD cube ONE® ML – High Transluzent Plus (HT+)

Coloring liquids

DD Basic Shade Coloring Liquids higher grey value
DD Pro Shade Z Coloring Liquids lower grey value (more sunny)
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