How to Choose Best Dental Crowns

choose best dental crowns

How to choose the best dental crowns in India

Dental crowns are the coverings used to cover up a worn down, discolored tooth, root canal treated tooth, damaged or cracked tooth. These coverings are used to strengthen the misshapen teeth. Earlier, crowns were made of materials like ceramic and metal but now other options like zirconia dental crowns are also available. This article covers How to choose the best dental crowns in India and which type of dental crown is best.

Let us begin by first examining the Reasons for getting a Dental Crown

The most common cause can be a weakened tooth after severe decay or cavity, to cover an implant or to replace a large filling. A damaged or cracked natural tooth, a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment can be other common reasons to get a dental crown.   It can also be used for aesthetics purposes by leveling the size, shape, and color of the teeth to achieve a more beautiful smile.

Which type of Dental Crown is best?

Contingent on the material used, there are many types and contrasts in dental crowns. A dentist may recommend dental crown material depending upon the tooth location, position of the gum tissue, the color and shade of teeth, the visibility of the tooth while talking, and the preference of the patient.

A dentist may prescribe the following types of dental crowns 

  • Crowns fully made with metal 

These crowns do not appear natural and make themselves seen distinctly. They are visible quite prominently when a person smiles.

  • All-porcelain or all-ceramic crowns

They give a look that is totally natural and are impossible to differentiate as prosthetics. They can be customized to the color of the teeth and provide the lustrous finish as that of a natural tooth. Additionally, they do not cause allergies.

  • PFMs-Porcelain fused to metal crowns

It is a fusion between all metal and all porcelain crowns. They provide better aesthetics in terms of appearance comparatively.

  • Base metal crowns or crowns with alloy of Gold 

Metals like gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium are a preferred choice for metal crowns. But they can cause metal-related allergies in some people. They are preferred for second and third upper molars, and first, second, and third lower molars.

  • Zirconia crowns

What is a Zirconia Crown? Dental Crowns made with Zirconia, which is an element, basically a type of crystal with particular characteristics such as strength and durability that makes these crowns long lasting and indestructible. They are substantially preferred for their cost effectiveness, and can be positioned in one sitting in a dental clinic. New advancements in Zirconia material makes it appear natural.

 There are a number of differences in the category of dental crowns and the best one depends on a person’s situation. However, prior to choosing the type of dental crown, factors like how it appears, strength, durability of the material should be considered by a patient. Each choice of dental crown mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages. What varies and matters is the cost factor, depending on which a patient can choose a particular dental crown material. 

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How to Choose Best Dental Crowns
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