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Are you facing the problem of a olxtoto missing tooth? Are you unable to smile confidently because of the missing teeth? But, you are not the only one in a dilemma and are looking for temporary or permanent solutions. 

The dental field has now given many solutions to the problem. Earlier, it seemed impossible, or the solutions were not preferred, or sometimes the people didn’t visit the dentist. 

The dental world provides some cheap options for replacing missing tooth (others expensive) for missing teeth with the recent advancements. 

One may choose them according to their cost, Aesthetics, Durability, Comfort, and Convenience. This article will present you with the best replacement options with their pros and cons.

You must be aware that the mouth is the main part of the digestion process. But, if someone encounters the problem of missing teeth, he may face serious health problems or cosmetic issues. 

The missing teeth may hamper proper eating, difficulty eating hard items, cause gum problems, cause speech hindrances, affect the structure of jaw bone, and many other problems. 

One major area that is hurt is your self-confidence. You are afraid to smile, talk, or even meet people.

If the problem is in the back teeth, which are somewhat invisible, you may ignore it. However, the longer the delay in treatment the more will be the gaps in the teeth structure. 

This can result in deteriorating oral health, which may take elongated schedules with the dentists. So, it is advisable that you must immediately contact your dental doctor for treatment as soon as you notice a decaying tooth, missing tooth, or any other dental issues.

Tooth decay, Genetic issues, Accidents, and Gum diseases are the reasons for a lost tooth. Sometimes it may happen, especially in case of injuries; the teeth have been affected so much that they are beyond repair or replacement. 

But for those missing one or more of their other adult teeth, often the second premolar or missing lateral incisor, this can cause problems if they are not replaced.

Enamel protects the teeth from regular wear and tear that results from chewing, biting, crunching, and grinding. It protects the teeth from cracking and chipping of teeth, severe temperature changes, and chemicals. 

Intake of cold drinks, sour food items, fruit drinks, acid reflux, and low saliva can erode enamel. Eroded tooth enamel means that you become sensitive to hot and cold, there is discolouration of the teeth, and there are cracks, chips, and cups on the surface of the teeth. 

Suppose you have an eroded tooth, eroded tooth enamel, or a missing tooth. In that case, you can research and find out the best possible ways to combat and go ahead with eroded enamel treatment.

As said before, the dental world has come a long way, and the advancements in the field let you restore your original smile by using the latest tools and techniques. 

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry involves fixing teeth after a person loses or faces dental problems, thereby improving their appearance.

Types of Tooth Replacement Options

Let’s explore the dental options available to replace the missing tooth. You can choose among the following types of tooth replacement options:

  • Teeth Implants
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Braces

types of tooth replacement options

The doctor may suggest a single or combination of the options after judging the severity of the issue. If the number of teeth missing is more than one, then a combo of treatments may be the best optimal solution. Here is the list of Dental prosthetics with which you can move ahead and have a prosthetic tooth.


This is the most preferred method to replace the missing tooth closer to a real tooth. It is the most promising dental advancement that offers attractive and comfortable solutions for tooth loss. 

It is the best answer to the question, “Can a tooth be replaced permanently?” 

Dental implants are selected by a majority of people over bridges and dentures. Their design and structure support the original bone structures and tissues to prevent degeneration. They are placed over the tooth and embedded in the jaw bone. 

The shape, size, and colour are matched closely with the real teeth that no one can point out if it’s real or artificial. The implants can be of a material made from metal, ceramic, porcelain, and zirconium. Ceramic implants blend well with the existing teeth and give the best results. An implant can hold a single tooth, or a combination of two implants can be the solution to bridge three or more teeth.

 This procedure is a little bit costlier, but it has long-lasting results. They resemble real teeth and perform all the functions properly without causing any obstructions. Proper brushing, cleaning, and care can increase their life span and durability.

To place an implant, the teeth are screwed into your jawbone, which is biocompatible titanium. The teeth with screws can help you chew corn on the cob, eat steak, or eat fewer hard things. 

They execute various functions of the mouth, like the natural teeth and do not envelop the roof of your mouth. A crown joined with a screw is much easier to remove than a cemented one. 

The making of implants takes 3 days to 3 weeks and can take a quarter of months to fuse with the jaw.


A dental bridge tooth treatment comes as a rescue for replacing missing teeth when the other teeth are in good condition and is sustained by neighboring healthy teeth. 

The supporting teeth are scratched lightly for the bridge to take its place and secured with dental glue. The option comes within your budget and offers durability too. 

But it can only replace two teeth, so if the case is more than two teeth, you should go for another option. Also, it is more suited as a front dental bridge. There are several kinds of dental bridges: Fixed Teeth bridges, Resin-Retained bridges, Cantilever dental bridges

A fixed teeth bridge prevents teeth shifting and minimizes bone loss, thus maintaining the face structure. On the other hand, a cantilever dental bridge needs to be cemented to a crown only on one side. 

It is used when you have only one tooth missing and is a better option in the case of the front part of the mouth instead of the back part.


If one asks, “What is the cheapest way to replace a missing tooth?” the answer is Dentures. They are generally the cheapest way to solve the issue of replacing multiple teeth. Also known as false teeth, these are removable and can have any number of artificial teeth attached with wire and a frame.

Some people feel comfortable with their dentures, but some may face problems of slipped dentures, improper frames, or uneasiness. 

They can come in two forms: removable partial dentures and removable complete dentures. If you think, “Can you replace just one tooth?” The answer is YES. Both dentures and bridges are options that can be used to replace a single tooth. They may be short-lived, but they are cost-effective as compared to implants.


To fill the small gap in the teeth, a veneer made up of composite or porcelain is applied to the teeth. They are made such that it matches your existing teeth completely. If maintained with proper care, they can last for many years.


To bring the teeth in the right alignment, one may go for braces. They can put the original teeth in the right place. Having straight teeth means a perfect smile and increased confidence.


Another method to fill the partial gap is bonding, a one-term fix that can last for a decade. It can repair broken teeth, chipped teeth, and cracked teeth and restore your lost smile.


Various inexpensive dental treatments can provide full functionality and appearance. Everyone has different financial issues and comes from different backgrounds. But, the most budget-friendly option for tooth replacement is dentures. 

Because of this, they take less time in their making and involve no surgical process. The impression of the tooth structure is taken, which is then sent to dental labs for processing. Within a few weeks, you get your dentures at an affordable price. Dentures can be used to substitute a full mouth of teeth or swap a tooth according to the needs of the patients.


Dental implants have changed people’s way of thinking when it comes to tooth replacement options. The increased life span, closer appearance, improved aesthetics, and comfort are the major benefits of this choice. 

It is the best suitable answer for the replacement of a permanent tooth. But all these benefits are not cheap. They can cost you more than the other options available in the market. 

The replacement cost depends on the location where a patient resides, his budget, and the various choices. There are numerous factors to consider when you plan for a tooth implant

The total cost of dental implants in India depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, the kind of implant, and the type of crown

Additional surgery might be needed if you lack sufficient jaw bone structure, such as a bone graft, which can increase the cost. Dental implants in India can range from 30,000 – to 50,000 rupees.

The follow-up treatment may result in multiple trips that can also add to the cost issues. Porcelain crowns are more expensive than gold crowns and higher than porcelain fused to metal crowns

But, Dental crowns are the best option as they are durable and last for at least 5-15 years. The cost involved can be ignored after looking at the many benefits they provide. 

Wearing a confident smile boosts your confidence and personality. The main purpose of dental implants is to improve facial aesthetics by increasing the life of the teeth and helping you smile continuously without getting embarrassed.

It is designed and customized to counter the effects of chipped, cracked, or broken teeth after a root canal. A dazzling smile is the result of attractive-looking teeth.

So, don’t ignore the issue, which may cause fatal results in the future. Doing nothing will not solve the purpose. Even if having a tooth missing isn’t bothering you now, leaving the teeth gap in your mouth could lead to further troubles in the approaching years. Your dentist will be pleased to discuss all the dental options for missing teeth and give you the most applicable solution.

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