are zirconia crown safe

Dental crowns are customized tooth caps that cover the visible part of the tooth to provide support when it is broken, weak, or irregular in shape. It is used to hide discoloured teeth or worn-out teeth.
In case of tooth loss, large cavity, and usually after a toto macau root canal the doctors propose to get a dental crown. So in this blog we’re talking about “Are zirconia crowns safe for our oral health?”

This dental restoration increases the strength of the teeth when used with other dental replacements. Many different materials are used in making a dental crown; they can be metal, ceramic, porcelain, zirconia, or others.

In recent times, crowns made from zirconia have gained immense popularity. Not only crowns, but bridges, veneers, and implants are also being made from zirconia. 

Dental doctors who are interested in providing facial aesthetics to their patients usually suggest zirconia crowns. Most dentists prefer them over metal and ceramic crowns due to their strength, durability, and excellent aesthetics. 

Zirconia crowns  and becoming more popular than traditional crowns in fabricating dental restorations. Metal crowns are made of gold or an alloy and are suitable for teeth that are not visible. 

For the front teeth, porcelain crowns can be a better option. The metal crowns give strength but an artificial look to the teeth. Porcelain crowns do not provide enough force to cut hard things. As it is not tough, it requires a metal base to increase its life and become fit to cover the damaged teeth.

Zirconium is a white powdered metal from the titanium family that originated from zirconium dioxide. Because of its long-lasting strength and durability, it is the most suitable option for making dental crowns. They just resemble the original teeth in their appearance and thus provide a natural look. 

They last for long years, more than 15 years, and do not cause any allergic reactions. They can withstand the force resulting from chewing and grinding the food. 

Zirconia Crowns are of two types:

Solid or Monolithic Zirconia

– Are recommended for posterior crowns. They possess stabilisers that help them withstand the forces of mastication. They are beneficial to those who grind their teeth. They are used in covering discoloured teeth or darkened teeth.

High Translucent or Layered Zirconia is translucent and is recommended for front teeth. They can be used in making crowns for back teeth if there is sufficient clearance.

Both solid and layered zirconia provide strength and consistency when compared to traditional PFM restorations, yet they provide the best facial aesthetics. 

Zirconia HT is 100% metal-free that provides a natural and vibrant appearance to your teeth. They prevent gingivally, and darkening and require no shading or drying time. They transmit the colour of the adjacent teeth making them resemble the innate teeth.

The main reason behind the immense popularity of the Zirconium crown is that they offer strength and durability which is the biggest Zirconia crown benefit. It is best suited for back teeth where the pressure applied to eat things requires great force. 

So, the crowns should be made with a strong material that can withstand the pressure applied to the teeth. 

Nowadays, with the recent developments in the dental field, there is another type of crown available known as Bruxzir crowns that are widely used because of their remarkable properties. 

These are full Zirconium Crowns made from solid zirconia. They are ideal for all types of posterior crowns and molars because of their translucency and natural colour proximity. 

They are three times stronger than PFM restorations and are durable to face wear and tear without getting chipped.

Zirconia is also used in making Zirconia bridges that are exceptionally strong and stable. They don’t have any metal lining which eliminates the occurrence of black lining at the edge of gum lining. 

Like dentures, they don’t loosen or fall out and perform the same functions as that your natural teeth. It is a permanent solution to replacements that won’t chip or crack. These dental restorations are less sensitive, have a more natural appearance, and increased functionality.

Many dentists carry out the procedure of making the crowns at the office rather than sending them to labs. Then they cement it with your mouth in one visit. 

Because of material used in fabricating zirconium crowns is biocompatible, it does not cause any allergic reaction as compared to PFM restorations. 

PFM dental implants contain metals that may not be suitable for patients who are allergic to metals. They are highly safe and durable for clinical purposes. 

The manufacturers of zirconia produce crowns from a solid block of the material and are baked at ultra-high temperatures to give them indestructible strength.


Zirconia crown is made of biocompatible material Zirconium dioxide and offers the following advantages:

  • DURABILITY– The smooth surface of the zirconia crowns helps to minimize plaque buildup. The durability of Layered zirconia is more. Chipping and fracturing rarely happen in the case of Solid zirconia.

  • LEAST PREPARATION TIME– Zirconium crowns take minimum making time. These can be readily made to suit the needs of the patients.
    The error-free customization ensures the best result for its patients. With the help of technological developments, their design and manufacturing take the least time in their preparation. They are cemented with the bone in minimal time and give the precise fit to their users.

  • NO SIDE EFFECTS– As they are metal-free, they prevent darkening around the area of the gingival margin and eliminate the reactions due to the presence of metals. They can be used by patients who are allergic to metals as they contain biocompatible material.

  • NATURAL APPEARANCE – The zirconia crowns are made in different shades making them easy to match the colour of the patient’s teeth. They usually reflect the colour of the adjacent teeth making them look like natural teeth.

  • GREAT FUNCTIONALITY – The material used in cementing these crowns, Bisco’s Z-Prime is followed by the application of dual care resin cement. They provide resistance to hot and cold effects, hence giving better comfort to the patients.

  • LONG LIFE – Zirconia continues to provide its strength for a longer period. They come with a warranty of more than 15 years.

Cost of Zirconia Crown

Depending on the location, quality of material and dental condition, the zirconia teeth price can start from INR 2000 and can go up to INR 20,000 approximately. 

The crowns made from zirconia come with a warranty that goes beyond 10 years. The Zirconia crown price in Delhi is in the range of INR 35k and INR 50k. 

If you live in the capital city of Telangana, then the cost of zirconium crowns in Hyderabad ranges between INR 8000 and INR 12000. The cost of the crown may also differ depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the charges of the dentist as well as the severity of the situation. 

The general condition and health of your jaw bone, as well as your gums, should also be kept in mind while reviewing the zirconia crown cost

The dental bridge is generally three times costlier than a crown. Chinese crowns may seem to be pocket friendly but they can cause serious problems and the patient may suffer from dreadful diseases like cancer.

Choosing Right Dental Crown

Choosing the right kind of dental crown depends upon the budget, dental conditions, and preferences of the patients. The process of getting a crown involves the preparation of the teeth to be covered with a cap. 

Then the impression of the teeth is taken and the design is sent to the lab. After this, the crown gets ready to be placed over the patient’s tooth. Generally, the making of the crown takes 3 days to 3 weeks. In the meantime, the patient is given a temporary cap before replacing it with a permanent cap.

Many companies are making zirconia crowns. Dental Direkt is a popular name in this category. It is a German-based company that is the leading manufacturer of Zirconia Crowns

Established in 1998, they are the leaders in this field and supply excellent quality zirconia in India. The company has also earned a name in selling other dental items too. 

With a booming figure of 45 lakh satisfied customers, it has become a brand that manufactures superior quality zirconium crowns using the latest German technology to provide its customers with the best and metal-free cosmetic appeal to the teeth

Dental Direkt crowns are made with ultra care and the right material that is best suited to your interests. For a gorgeous smile that uplifts your mood and confidence, you can call them or reach them through an authentic network.

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