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A picture-perfect smile is all one wants. This smile not only adds beauty to your face but also boosts your confidence. But when someone has lost his tooth because of any dental ailment or accident, he may feel shy to walk out. A chipped tooth makes your appearance dull and less attractive. 

The lost tooth can also hamper speech and eating, and long-term dental damage after which you will not be able to perform the daily chores you normally do. You would need a crown here in this blog we’re going to know “WHAT’S THE ADVANTAGE OF METAL FREE DENTAL IMPLANTS?”

One should not delay in fixing the problem, as it may cause further damage to the tissues connected to the teeth. Perhaps, this is the right time you need to decide on the Dental Restorations as per your need like crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, fillings, etc. 

Dental crowns are the dental restorations that are used with implants to replace teeth that are decaying or missing. They are also used to support dental bridges as well as partial dentures. These are like the covering of the tooth just like a cap that replaces the missing tooth. 

The dental implants are made of metal, ceramic, porcelain, and Zirconia. The dental crowns can cost you between 14000 INR to 42000 INR. However, the exact cost depends on the location where the patient resides, the health of the patient, and the type of crown he is looking for. 

All metal-free ceramic crowns are made of porcelain. They easily blend with the colour of the tooth and do not cause any allergic reaction to the teeth. The metal free tooth cap price ranges from 36000 INR to 50000 INR.

When the person is facing multiple tooth loss, then it is better to have Dental Bridge. They are attached to the adjacent teeth and cemented with them. They are known to have enough strength to face the biting force pressure and provide better functioning. 

Sometimes the doctor advises getting a metal free dental bridge. The latest advancements have brought metal-free dental bridges that bond well with the existing teeth structure. They give a natural appearance and are virtually hard to detect. 

As they do not contain any metal, so the problem of the blue line also disappears. Metal Free Dental bridge cost lies between 6000INR to 20000 INR. Dentures are the optimal solution if you want to replace the whole teeth structure. Generally, people in the latter part of their life prefer to get dentures. 

There are fixed, removable, partial, and full dentures available on the market. Metal free dentures are safe, effective and the most widely chosen dental restoration options. They are less invasive and involve fewer surgical treatments. As they do not have any metallic material, they are not rigid and give you total peace of mind. Metal free Dentures are less expensive and are easy to use.

Most dental implants are made of titanium. Titanium is known to provide long-lasting results and is easily accepted by the human body. But with the advancements in the field of dentistry, there are many other metal-free implant options that a patient can ask for. 

Metal free crowns are dental restorations that give you natural-looking teeth and are made of high-quality material. They are a great way to restore the normal functioning of the tooth giving it a natural look, size, and shape. Metal free crowns as the name suggests are free of any metal combinations. They are made of ceramic resembling the original colour of the teeth and their shape. They are strong, durable, and best suited for visible teeth.

The modern dental world offers its patients choose from a variety of crowning options that enhances their looks and improves their personality. There are two main types of metal free crowns– All ceramic and Zirconia

Metal-free ceramic crowns are used by patients who are prone to metal allergies. But these crowns can affect the neighbouring teeth and can wear them down. The dentists in today’s times recommend Zirconia Metal Free Crowns. These are made from zirconium dioxide which is a biocompatible material and exhibits the quality of metals. It is a tough crystal with numerous positive characteristics. 

The zirconium possesses strength same as that of titanium but instead of having a silver lining, it is completely white in color. It resembles your natural tooth color and gives a realistic look to your smile.

They have replaced the traditional crown in the last few years. Whether you want one tooth to be replaced or all of them, zirconium metal free dental implants can restore your lost confidence and bring back your smile. 

Dental Implants are the best solution if you have a healthy jawbone, are free from any health issues, and are ready to take up the dental process. These metal free tooth caps are placed after tooth extraction or root canal treatment. The procedure to get a crown is the same irrespective of the material used. 

After a general examination, first, the tooth that is to be crowned is filed. Next, an impression of the teeth is taken to have an accurate design. This impression is sent to a lab for the making of the desired crown. As the making of the permanent crowns takes 3 days to 3 weeks so, the dentist puts a temporary crown before replacing it with the permanent crown. 

When the patient finalizes the fit and gets proper bite force the permanent crown is ready to be used by the person for different purposes.

There are different types of zirconia crowns used by dentists:

Monolithic Zirconia Crowns

This solid crown is unbreakable and is resistant to chips and cracks. As it is slightly opaque, so it is preferred for the rear jaw. They are digitally designed by technicians with the help of CAD-CAM technology.

Layered Zirconium Crowns

They are constructed using a layer of Lithium disilicate clay over the ceramic coping. They have soft reflective porcelain which acts as a covering for the solid cores. They are best suited for front teeth as they provide real-looking clarity to your teeth.

Advantages of Metal Free Zirconium Crowns

Your teeth face everyday wear and tear. People tend to neglect their oral health which results in cavities or tooth decay. Grinding the teeth, chewing hard substances, or having a crossbite can result in teeth shrinkage and irregular shape. 

A dental crown not only gives shape to the existing teeth structure but also provides the strength to resist further decay. The dentists prefer zirconia frameworks and full-contour to perform dental procedures because of the following advantages:

  1. The crowns made of zirconia are relatively strong and unbreakable. Thus they prevent chipping and cracking of the crown.
  2. They acquire less space as they are only a few mm thick (0.5 mm) as compared to their counterparts which are bulky and thicker.
  3. The original teeth need less reduction when choosing zirconia crowns.
  4. They provide a natural look and hence do not compromise on facial aesthetics. There is no gum discoloration or any artificial-looking material.
  5. Metal free Zirconia crowns are made of biocompatible material zirconium dioxide. These crowns do not cause any allergic reactions in the patients.
  6. The crowns having metal get corroded with time but metal-free zirconia crowns are resistant to corrosion.
  7. They come with a warranty of 10 years and a lifetime.
  8. These dental restorations provide efficient functioning and lasting results. If maintained properly they can last long to give you a gorgeous smile.

In India, Zirconia metal free crown price ranges from INR 10000 and INR 25000. Dental implant crowns are different from crowns on natural teeth. While the same crowns are used, the method of fitting gets changed for fitting Crowns over implants

So, sometimes in case of abutment the patients have to incur an extra 2000 INR or less. The price of the crowns depends on the location where the patient resides and also on the type of material used in fabricating the crown. 

The fees of the dental doctor, the number of teeth to be treated, and the health of the patient also play an important role when deciding on the budget for the crown that can be afforded by the patient.

You can consult your dentist for suggestions. They can advise you better with the decision after examining your condition. In case you feel an affinity for the zirconia crowns then you can reach Dental Direkt India

It is the most popular supplier of zirconia crowns within Delhi and NCR. They are known for providing the best services which have earned the best customer satisfaction from their clients. The quality of material used, high supply, and ability to meet customer needs are the positive aspects that have made them popular in the dental market. They sell a wide variety of dental products like Dental Crown, Dental Ceramic Crown, Zirconia Crown, Porcelain Dental Crown, and many more.


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