what is turkey teeth trend

Turkey teeth are a phrase that describes well-structured, super white teeth or veneers mostly done in turkey. Turkey’s teeth have become popular in recent times due to the social media campaigning that states them a cost-effective dental treatment. 

The turkey teeth trend has become viral and many people are thinking about it. As a result, many people are travelling to Turkey for cost-effective dental treatment. But contrary to the expectations, the procedure is posing serious complications to the patients. 

Many known celebrities have visited the country for dental restorations and the number is increasing every day. The dental clinics in Antalya and Istanbul are the popular choices among them. According to the reports, after these celebrities and reality TV stars like former Love Island star Jack Fincham and Katie Price have undergone this treatment, the treatment became the choice of a large number of people. 

But going after turkey teeth viral is taking a toll on their health. They are facing major dental issues like dead stumps, abscesses, and nerve damage post their cosmetic dental procedures in Turkey. The UK dentists have stated that the patients who have taken the treatment had to pay huge medical bills and are facing serious issues. 

The people that have chosen veneers had filing of in a small part of the tooth, but people who got crown had almost 70% of the teeth removal. Dental experts believe that the turkey teeth treatment can leave them with major nerve damage, death of teeth, severe pain, gum diseases, and pulpits. Root canal treatment is the only solution to correct the problem but that too will involve a big price.


What Are Turkey Teeth?


Turkey teeth are made of different materials like ceramic, porcelain, and composite. The name turkey teeth were given after some people went to turkey for dental restorations. Turkey teeth are usually dental veneers, porcelain veneers, or porcelain laminates. 

They help in repairing the entire set of teeth and restoring their proper functioning. They have become popular because of the extra whiteness and a brighter smile that is offered after their replacements. Also, Turkey has both the latest technology, especially in the field of dentistry, but also the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the tourists. 


Many people want to opt for them but the coin has another side. These people are not aware of appropriate information regarding the procedure, costs, and side effects. In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with accurate and proper information regarding these options.

Having a beautiful smile is an asset to people. But sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, our teeth get exposed to cavities, accidents, or malformations. This can make you feel embarrassed in public gatherings. 

With today’s advanced technology, the techniques and treatments are available that can correct your smile and help you regain your confidence. This can be done by having Dental restorations. Dental implants are used to fill the missing teeth, hide imperfect teeth or replace decaying teeth. 


The method involves placing a titanium screw into the jawbone followed by placing a crown over the screw. There are various methods to place dental implants:

  1. Single or Multiple Dental Implants
  2. Full mouth Dental Implants
  3. All-on-4 Dental Implants
  4. All-on-6 Dental Implants


When a tooth is lost or faces a crack, a dental implant is recommended to treat the issue. The implant is inserted into the jawbone with screw-like devices by dental surgeons. These are called dental crowns and are customized according to the individual mouth structure and teeth appearance. 


They are natural-looking artificial teeth that perform normal functioning and are immune to cavities. They give strength to bones and decrease teeth sensitivity. Dental implants have two types of variants- endosteal and subperiosteal. You may go for Dental Implants:

  • If you want a natural-looking smile.
  • If you need long-term solutions.
  • If you want to prevent further bone loss.
  • If you do not want the hassle of putting on and removing dentures.


Without much care, they can give you long-lasting results compared to dentures. If proper care is taken, they can guarantee you lifelong options. Dental implants are best in terms of quality and usage.

The dental market has introduced new teeth known as Turkey teeth. Turkey teeth are customized thin shells placed on the tooth to give a natural resemblance and structure. If the patient is suffering from discolored teeth due to excessive use of fluorides, drugs, or resin fillings, then turkey teeth or dental veneers or dental crowns in Turkey can fix these concerns. 

The dental restorations are made to appear the same as that natural teeth color to make them look real and unnoticeable. They are used in preparing veneers, laminates, and porcelain.


People are approaching turkey for these dental restorations due to the low cost. The turkey teeth prices offer savings of 50% to 70% in the cost of implementation. People are attracted to Turkey teeth treatment because:

  • The currency of Turkey Lira has a lower value than pounds, Euros, or Dollars. Due to the low value of the currency, Turkey provides an affordable cost of living as compared to other European countries.
  • The country also provides monetary incentives to visitors coming for dental treatment in Turkey. The government of the country is open to tapping the benefits of dental tourism in Turkey by providing incentives, loans, and monetary aid to the patients. It acts as a medium to boost the economy of the country.
  • The number of dental clinics in the country competes against one other to offer lower prices to the patients. The foreign patients that are coming for dental work in Turkey help to maintain the standards of the clinic.


The cost of dental treatment in turkey is the main reason for choosing this country for the procedure. The low price is offered with additional benefits and other features. Going for a full-mouth dental implantation in Turkey is a cheaper option. 

The lower laboratory costs and dentists’ fees are also the reasons behind the choice. The price of teeth veneers in Turkey and teeth implants in Turkey depends on the place where the treatment is given. The process of teeth whitening costs a patient £125 and the cost of crowns and veneers ranges from £160 to £245 per tooth. The cost of dental implants in Turkey is £300-£750 per tooth. These costs are 80% lower than in the UK.


The Hollywood smile treatment is another treatment designed for men and women who want to have a bright and flawless smile. New teeth Turkey helps you to wear your dream smile for 7 days in the state-of-the-art clinics and experienced medical supervision

The UK Smiles dental practices situated in Rumford and Stratford city centres benefit the customers in terms of oral health care and flaws correction. The welcoming staff and leading dentists take care of all your worries and let you have advanced treatment at pocket-friendly prices.


Dental procedures are not as easy as other procedures. It involves great detailing and expertise to carry out the process. The treatment applied to one patient may not work on another and so on. So, one should be prepared that he may or may not have a replica of the smile that one has in his mind. 

If you are having poor oral health, there are chances that you may develop gum disease or more serious issues. When the dentist suggests a dental veneer, the tooth has to be reshaped slightly. There is a need for the removal of tooth enamel to ensure that the veneers stick properly to the enamel.

If the process is not carried out properly, it can lead to tooth sensitivity and other problems too. You may also have to lose considerable tooth mass for the procedure. The process of having turkey teeth is a bit painful and involves lots of precautions and care. 


The person has to follow proper brushing and flossing so that the life of the artificial dental restorations gets extended. But if there is any lack of care, the person may not get the desired results and the life expectancy for the turkey dental implants also gets affected. 


Turkey dental implants may offer a cheap option but there are a lot of risks involved in the treatment. If the procedure is not carried out systematically, it can pose long-term negative effects on the patients. People who have undergone this treatment have complained about the various side effects. 

The placement of crowns instead of veneers causes tooth reduction, nerve damage, and root canal complications. Turkey teeth may cause swelling, pain, and gum infection that might spread to other areas of the mouth. So, before thinking of the options you must look at the pros and cons of the procedure.


The dental world has introduced the use of Zirconia Crowns in recent years. These crowns are made from white powdered zirconium dioxide, a very durable type of ceramic material. Dental implants made of zirconium are one of the latest options for replacing missing teeth

Many dentists prefer to use zirconia as they are metal free, biocompatible, and offer a long-lasting alternative to the patients. They have more strength and give great results. These crowns are rated as better quality as compared to other crowns available in the market. The strength of the material helps in manufacturing thinner dental crowns compared to other crowns made of metals. 


Zirconia crown has an innate gum line appearance and delivers the most excellent results when it comes to giving a natural look to a tooth. These crowns are usually safe and cause a lesser amount of stress on opposing pieces. They have a smaller risk of breaking and chipping off. 

The price of the Zirconia crowns, in general, is more than other types of dental crowns, such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain, but the procedures, the warranty, and beneficial treatment and advantages cannot be ignored. So, before going for any turkey teeth dental treatment, do look at the pros and cons of the available treatments.

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