Dental Direkt zirconia crowns are dental restorations that hide the imperfections of the teeth. They act as a cover and give long lasting protection to the affected teeth. These implants are made of different materials like metal, ceramic, porcelain, or zirconia. 

These crowns or tooth caps help in performing basic functions of the tooth like chewing, grinding, munching, etc. In earlier times, people chose metal crowns made from gold or silver for status symbols. But these crowns looked artificial and hampered the overall tooth appearance. But now with advanced technology one can have natural looking artificial teeth.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Dentists have started using crowns and bridges that provide superior looks to the patients and provide them long lasting results. The metal crown, ceramic teeth, or porcelain fused metal crowns though give a natural appearance but with time they get cracks or chip off easily.

Zirconia crowns are considerably stronger, durable, and have a long life. They have closer proximity to the natural tooth in shape, size, and appearance. These tooth crowns help in maintaining a better tooth structure and replace misshapen or discolored teeth. 

They fill the gaps, provide protection to adjacent teeth and keep weak teeth from breaking. Zirconia crown is made of a fine white powder of zirconium dioxide which is biocompatible and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Zirconia has become the first choice of dentists for preparing anterior or posterior crowns as it has fewer rough edges and prevents regular wear and tear. Being relatively strong and durable, it is made to look natural by concealing it with porcelain or glasses.

Zirconia crowns are metal free and therefore do not cause any allergic reaction to their users. The average price of the Zirconia crowns varies from place to place.


                                         Before & After of Zirconia Crowns

before and after zirconia crown straightening


Zirconia Crowns Price

The zirconia crowns price is a little higher but one becomes stress free after experiencing its benefits and advantages. 

Usually, the cost of the crown depends on the area and the experience of the dentist. The Zirconia crowns price starts from INR 14000 and can go up to INR 42000. The main factor that affects the cost of the crown is the material used and the place where the crown is manufactured. The dentist’s fees also become a base to calculate the overall price of the dental crown.


Why Dental Direkt Zirconia Crowns


Dental Direkt is the leading supplier of Zirconia crowns that are fabricated using latest German Technology. The company laid its foundation in 1988 and from then it has become the top zirconium supplier in many cities of India. 

It has been able to maintain the costs and quality of the material and provide the customers with satisfactory results. They can afford the crowns that come within their budget. 

By choosing dental direkt, dentists and dental technicians have shown their trust in the products made after extensive research and development. 

The crowns are advanced continuously to become the most preferred choice of dentists and patients. The company guarantees to give high quality, highly translucent, and the best Zirconia crowns in India. Dental Direkt gmbh has earned a big name in the dental markets by providing the best solutions in your home country. The company is also into other dental products, the list of which is provided on their website. Choose the best to get the best. 

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