Smile Tips – Do I Need Temporary Crown

Smile Tips - Do I Need Temporary Crown?

Do I Need Temporary Crown

Dental crowns are cap-like structures that act as the cover of the tooth that fits on the visible part of the teeth. Acting as a tooth cover, it assists the damaged teeth to function properly. 

Before you get your permanent crown, the dentist places a temporary crown over your teeth. This artificial restoration is prepared in labs and takes almost 3 days to 3 weeks to get ready. 

Till that time, the dentist suggests you get a temporary crown to avert any discomfort and give protection to the adjacent teeth.

temporary crown is needed after a root canal treatment, when you are getting a replacement for a broken or damaged tooth, or being advised for a dental implant. 

Temporary crowns protect the existing teeth and allow you to perform basic functions like chewing, biting, and eating. Before the placement of a permanent crown, it protects the patient from tooth sensitivity and helps him feel at ease. 

Temporary tooth caps though provide protection but are not as strong as permanent teeth. They have to be taken care of to avoid any tooth issues. The things to be kept in mind when you are having a temporary tooth crown are as follows:

  • Avoid eating or chewing at the site of the temporary crown
  • Don’t eat hard, sticky or sugary food
  • Apply less pressure to clean the teeth

A temporary crown as the name suggests is not long-lasting. It only provides needed protection before getting a permanent crown.

Permanent crowns are made from different materials like stainless steel, gold, ceramic, all resin, and porcelain. They are fabricated to give long-lasting protection. 

Dental crowns are used to hide tooth imperfections, replace a broken tooth, or stop older teeth from getting further damage. The procedure for getting a crown starts with an initial inspection by the dentist. 

Dentist studies the severity of the condition and advises you accordingly. Then the X-Ray of the problem area is taken. 

The dentist files and reshapes the tooth to make room for the permanent crown. Then an impression is made which is sent to dental labs where a period of 3 days to 3 weeks is taken to prepare the dental crown. 

Meanwhile, the doctor places a temporary crown to avoid any future complications. These temporary crowns give you a perfect smile free of cracks, or damage. 

They are bonded to teeth with the help of temporary cement which can be removed easily when permanent crowns are to be placed. When the permanent crown is received it is checked for adjustments and the patient’s comfort is checked before bonding it permanently.


Dental crowns are made from different materials. But the material that is most durable and has gained popularity far and wide is Zirconia which is made from Zirconium dioxide

Zirconia crowns are metal free and give great strength to the tooth structure. They are biocompatible and bond well with the existing teeth. Despite being priced in the higher range, it has become the number one choice of doctors and patients. It is best suited for making front teeth crowns and is rapidly used in manufacturing bridges, veneers, and dental implants.


The dental restorations made from zirconia provide:

  • Zirconium dioxide is a white-colored powder that easily mimics the translucency of natural teeth Because of which it provides Superior looks.
  • It does not contain any metal lining so gives a perfectly natural-looking appearance to the teeth.
  • As it is made from 100% biocompatible material, it does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • Its strength and durability have undergone the test of time and the results are amazing. The crowns made from zirconia give lifelong protection. It can withstand force and pressure due to biting and chewing.  
  • Unlike metallic crowns which give an artificial look, it does not contain any metal and does not cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to metals.
  • It needs less tooth removal which makes it bond well with the teeth and the crown in its place.

Best Zirconia Crown In India



The highly strong and superior crowns are resistant to cracks and chips can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Solid Zirconia Crown- it possesses higher strength and is more opaque. They are preferred for fabricating crowns for posterior teeth and endure more pressure during bite force.
  • Translucent Zirconia Crown has a superior appearance and has less strength as compared to solid Zirconia. They are best suited as crowns for front teeth because minimal chewing is done with this part of the mouth.

Apart from this, the dentists offer three types of zirconia crowns:

  1. Full contour zirconia
  2. Full contour all translucent zirconia
  3. Porcelain fused to zirconia

The type of crown depends on the condition of the teeth being replaced if it is present in the front or back. If a single tooth is to be repaired or multiple teeth need replacement. After judging the condition, the dentist can give advice based on his reading.


These biocompatible crowns are a little expensive. Zirconia teeth’ price is more than its counterparts such as ceramic, metal, and porcelain. 

But with impressive benefits and long-lasting warranty it has become a preferred choice of people. The Zirconia crown price ranges between INR 10000 up to INR 25000. 

Zirconia Crown Price

All Zirconia crowns come with a warranty ranging from 10 years to a lifetime depending on the type. The cost of the crowns can differ depending on your geographic location and the fees of the dental doctor. 

So, one must check the zirconia cap price in their region. The estimated cost of crowns made from different materials is given below:

Dental Crown Prices in INR

Zirconia 15000/-

Porcelain fused to metal 6000/-

Metallic Crown 5000/-

Most of the crowns made from Zirconia have a life span of 10-15 years. If regular and proper dental hygiene is followed and a patient follows all dental care instructions, he can increase the longevity of these crowns.


The latest developments in the dental world and advanced technology have made dental procedures easy and efficient. Many suppliers are present in the market that provides zirconia crowns

The patient should look for an authentic supplier and verify the details from different sources. He should check for the prices and warranty being offered by the dental crown supplier

At present, Dental Direkt India has emerged as the number one Zirconia crowns supplier. Dental Direkt, a German company came into existence in the year 1998 and is the leading manufacturer of Zirconia Crowns in Europe. 

Its franchisee in India has also managed to be placed on top ranks with over 45 lakh happy customers making them the best manufacturer of zirconia crowns

The dental direkt zirconia crowns now available in India are made using German Technology that is based on extensive research and development. Their efforts in making dental products aid you in providing natural-looking teeth that have superior quality, are stylish, and have long-lasting luster. 

The team promises to offer the lowest price, speedy delivery, and top service at every front. They are dealing in a wide range of products like Dental Crown, Dental Ceramic Crown, Zirconia Crown, Porcelain Dental Crown, and many more. Many dentists and technicians have shown their trust in the products made by the team of Dental Direkt India

Dental Direkt offers the right material for every product be it a high-strength, high translucent, or super translucent, industrial pre-colored (monochrome and polychrome), or for coloring through liquid infiltration. 

They maintain consistency in providing the best Zirconia crowns in India making them the top supplier in their group. You can find them by typing Dental Direkt near me on internet sites and checking the details of the products and their prices.

Best Zirconia Crown In India


Smile Tips – Do I Need Temporary Crown
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