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A set of perfect teeth provides you with a pleasing personality and attracts many to your side. But sometimes these perfections don’t last long. Either due to a lack of oral hygiene, or with time, or injury, this set gets a defect and results in imperfections. 

missing teeth smile lacks power and confidence. Are you the one who is facing the problem of a missing tooth and needs tooth replacement? To get rid of these imperfections, go on to read the article to know about the teeth replacement options available in the dental market.

The reasons for losing a tooth can be accounted for injury, gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, etc. You must seek medical advice if you suffer from any of these issues. Evaluating your condition, the dental doctor can suggest missing teeth replacement options and provide treatments such as:

  • Fixed Bridges are an effective solution when you need to replace missing teeth that are more than one. They are attached to the healthy teeth on either side of the teeth gap so that the prosthetics can fill the space.
  • Partial Dentures are suggested when there is a need to replace the whole set of teeth. The base is made in a way to match your original gum line and teeth. There is an option for single teeth dentures too. They are the cheapest option but lack bite force and a natural feel.
  • Dental Implants are a suitable option when you need to replace a single tooth or there are missing teeth in several areas of the mouth. This is an incredibly popular option that provides strength to adjoining teeth.

If you are having no teeth, missing teeth, or decaying teeth, then these options can solve your purpose. Dentures are fake tooth implants that are easy to use. They are prosthetic teeth that are compatible with the jaw structure of the patients. 

Dentures can hamper your speaking and eating manner, but they are cheaper and are known removable teeth also. Bridges are more stable and long-lasting than dentures but require a reduction in adjacent teeth. Dental implants are the stronger and more durable option as compared to dentures and bridges.

Best Zirconia Crown In India


Different Dental Implants

Lets us move forward to analyze different dental implants, the material used to make them, costs, and types. Dental implants are dental restorations that can save you from a decaying tooth, damaged tooth, or missing tooth

They fill the gaps, hide the imperfections, cover stains and free you from a missing teeth smile. These dental implants are available in different materials such as metal, ceramic, porcelain, and Zirconia. Before deciding on a particular type of crown, you must identify its advantages and disadvantages. Given below is the summarized view of different types of dental crowns with their pros and cons.

EMAX CROWNS is one of the most appealing options to replace a missing tooth. The crown is made of Lithium Disilicate glass, on an all-ceramic system. The porcelain layer present on it provides a great amount of translucency and a realistic look that resembles the natural tooth.

Emax Crowns Advantages And Disadvantages

The crowns having monolithic structures possess a strength of 380-500 MPa and have a thickness of 1.5-2.0 mm. They provide better chewing functionality and are best for anterior teeth areas. 

By choosing the accurate shade and transparency, they are hard to differentiate from a real tooth. They give an excellent anatomical shape, bite and comfort to the patient. Emax crowns are used for front teeth replacement options. With proper care and maintenance, their life can be extended to more than a decade.

Despite the attractive advantages, they are not on the wish list of many people. The reason behind the limited choice is the whooping cost of the material. Due to the superior aesthetics, EMax crowns are more expensive than the other crown material.

Zirconia Crowns give the best results for posterior teeth because a lot of pressure is required to perform chewing and eating. With recent developments and advanced technology, they are now fabricated to design anterior tooth implants also. 

They do not cause any allergic reactions in the human body as they are free of any metal. The basic ingredient of Zirconia Crowns is Zirconium dioxide which is a white powder that is a biocompatible ceramic material. 

They are prepared using CAD/CAM technology that gives the best fit and beautiful-looking artificial dental restorations. There are three different types of Zirconia Crowns available:

  • Solid Zirconia – they are used in making BruxZir Crowns that prove to be more beneficial than porcelain and gold crowns.
  • Lightly Compressed Zirconia
  • Full Zirconia Framework

Best Zirconia Crown In India

Zirconia Crowns Advantages And Disadvantages


Zirconia crowns have a thickness of 0.5mm and are incredibly strong with a strength of 800-1200 MPa. They provide great functionality giving correct bite, excellent closing, and the right pressure to chew the food materials. 

The material blends well with the natural tooth and gives a realistic look to the crowns. They are processed using biocompatible material and do not oxidize making them safe for patients who are not compatible with metallic crowns. 

They give superior looks and strength to the tooth structure. The front teeth bridge, dentures, and fake tooth implantZirconia Crowns are used in making all types of dental restorations. If proper oral hygiene is maintained by the user, it can last up to 15 years.

The drawbacks of zirconia crowns are hard to find. The extraordinary strength may cause friction but with regular checkups and corrections, they can also be minimized. 

When you have to decide between EMax and Zirconia, you must take the following into your consideration:

  • Tooth Location
  • Number of Teeth
  • Budget and your personal choice.

In terms of strength both rate equally well. They both give the best results in terms of bite force, and basic functionality. But Zirconia Crowns are durable and can offer you more lasting results. The doctors prefer Zirconia crowns for molars and premolars where more force and pressure are required to eat the food. 

These crowns give a more natural appearance, hide imperfections, and fill the teeth gaps appropriately. Dentists use them to design veneers, inlays, front teeth bridges, to provide crowns after a root canal treatment, etc. 

The tooth replacement costs depend on the location of the teeth, the dentist’s fees, and the material used in making the crowns. The cost of Zirconia crowns starts from Rs 10,000. Then it depends on the patient’s preferences and budget for what he wants to opt for.

Zirconia Crown Price


Best Zirconia Crowns in India

You can get zirconia crowns from the various suppliers present in the market. You must check the authenticity of these suppliers from reliable sources. Dental Direkt India is a popular zirconium crowns supplier in India.  

They are the trusted name in providing permanent teeth replacement. They provide the best material for tooth replacement options that are manufactured by the German Company Dental Direkt. They use advanced technology to design teeth covers for missing teeth. Established in the year 1998, they provide the best options to fill teeth gapping

Dental Direkt India is known for the best zirconia crowns in IndiaThe crowns are budget friendly and give you long-lasting results. With the advancements in the field of esthetic dentistry, pleasing zirconia crowns are being manufactured by the company. 

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