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Zirconium was initially discovered in the 18th century. The German chemist, Martin Heinrich Klaproth, successfully extracted zirconium oxide from Zircon using a transparent gemstone called jacinth as the preparatory material.  

Zirconium oxide found use in the medical industry in the year 1969 after Helmer and Driskell published the first scientific study of the biomedical properties of zirconia. Initially, it was used in orthopedics to manufacture hip and knee joints as an alternative to cobalt-chrome alloy. 

The increasing emphasis on esthetics in dentistry has been instrumental in finding a material with enough strength and longevity to replace metal. Unlike earlier forms of all-ceramic restorations, zirconia has excellent esthetics and superior strength.


The development of innovative technologies, materials, and biomechanics has radically altered the approach to replacing dental anatomical structures. Dental zirconia blank has provided an optimal solution to dental prosthetic restorations using modern 3D multilayering and CAD/CAM technology.  

It is among the best material to generate durable and aesthetic dental crowns. Dental Zirconia Blank is the core of most modern dental labs as it provides the answer to a variety of clinical situations including long-span bridges, inlays, veneers, and dental crowns.

Zirconia dental disc is another type of ceramic material that is used as a substitute for metals and alloys in the manufacture of dental prosthetics. It is practical for filling lesions, fractures, and abscesses in teeth. The most important factor that makes zirconia distinctive among other materials is its biocompatibility which allows it to integrate with living tissues without causing any harm.

Zirconia dental block is a particular type of dental material, which contains zirconium oxide. It can swap amalgam and metal restorations. Zirconia dental block is used instead of amalgam for making restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges as well as for direct tooth implants. 

Zirconia block price varies depending on the use and procedure. The other factors which impact the cost of the zirconia cap are the size of the tooth or crown. It is slightly expensive compared to the other dental blocks due to its unique properties.

Best Zirconia Crown In India



Dental crowns are the most popular temporary tooth restoration treatment. It gives an excellent alternative to hide decaying teeth, discolored teeth, and fractures on dental pieces. Many materials are used in manufacturing these dental caps. The most common ones are metal, ceramic, porcelain, and resin. Zirconia is a highly-rated material that dental doctors widely use. 

There can be various situations where you have to replace your original tooth with a crown. Tooth decay, injuries, and tooth aging are the common symptoms that lead to the wear and tear of a natural tooth. 

Some people have the habit of grinding their teeth or chewing hard substances or having a crossbite. This takes a toll on the tooth. The teeth lose their original shape and size. To restore the functions and appearance of the tooth, the dentists advise the patients to wear a crown. The crowns protect the teeth from further damage and help to fix many oral problems. They help to

  • Prevent fractures
  • Keep teeth together
  • Improve smile
  • Improve bite
  • Cover big filling

The young, old, or kids anybody can be affected by dental problems. Children who are facing badly injured incisors and molars are provided several options by pediatric dental care

Dental Doctors who are specialized in dentistry for children also suggest a very esthetic, durable restoration that can be used in place of stainless steel crowns. The use of zirconia crowns in pediatric dentistry has brought great relief to parents. They can now have trouble-free dental solutions for their kids. Zirconia is the most popular material that dental doctors are using. It is stronger than other dental restoration materials and provides long-lasting protection to the tooth.


Dentists often prefer using framework zirconia and full-contour zirconia for dental work. They both are suitable alternatives to porcelain-metal composites and full-metal blends. Framework zirconia proves to be beneficial for anterior and posterior multi-unit bridges. It almost looks like a natural tooth. Full-contour zirconia is best suited for monolithic Zirconia crowns

SOLID ZIRCONIA – It is the toughest zirconia and can survive chewing pressure easily. They are mostly used after a root canal treatment and offer great support. It is used in making posterior crowns for back teeth.

HIGH TRANSLUCENT ZIRCONIA – It can resemble the tooth color easily. When compared to other dental blocks, this block has added strength but less than solid zirconia.


  • Strength- Zirconia possesses great strength and durability. The ceramic dental implants made from zirconia can withstand the force exerted while eating and chewing the food.
  • Longevity -These dental implants promise a long life. If a proper oral regime is followed regularly, these dental restorations can last for more than 10 years.
  • Biocompatibility – They are metal-free prosthetics that are known to be safe for patients who are allergic to crowns made from metals.
  • AppearanceZirconia tooth crown can easily match your tooth color and shape. As a result zirconia crowns for front teeth are preferred by everyone. It makes your teeth appear natural and bright.
  • Same-day preparation – They can be created in the dentist’s office and require a lesser amount of preparation than other materials. It means that cementing zirconia crowns with the teeth will require only one appointment. 

Zirconia has come out as the best material to design dental implants. They are metal-free and possess great qualities and natural looks that surpass other materials that are used to manufacture the crowns. 

With these rich benefits, the zirconia cap price is a little higher. It seems to be expensive but when one expects warranty, strength, and durability, it comes as a great value for money. They prove to be a better option for replacing the missing tooth or the tooth that has suffered damage due to injury. 

The price for a dental crown is calculated by the dentist depending on the practice setup, the location, experience and specialization, the quality of treatment, the quality of the material being used, and the dental lab that the dentist is associated with. 

Depending on all these factors, a dentist in India can ask for Rs. 4500 to Rs. 15,000 per crown. Zirconia bridge cost is calculated after multiplying the cost with no. of units in the bridge.

Zirconia Crown Price


Premium zirconia crowns are crowns made by certified or branded companies that do not cause any allergic reaction in your mouth. The companies give you a lifetime warranty on their zirconia ceramic crowns which extends from 10 years to 15 years.  

The topmost certified company that manufactures Zirconia crowns that are of German origin is Dental Direkt. They use advanced technology and the latest tools and techniques to make user-friendly crowns that are pocket friendly. The company fabricates premium zirconia crowns that are cost-effective and provide a large number of benefits to patients. 

They are being recommended by every dentist and have become the foremost choice of dental doctors. The superior crowns are now available in India which gives you a lifetime of warranty and provides you with a finer quality of their zirconia crowns. 

The zirconia Crown price to be paid for Dental Direkt zirconia crowns is approx. INR 8000– INR 15000. You can get a personalized solution for your entire dental problems. Visit them in person or contact them to get the best material within your budget.

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