DD contrast® meets DD Zirconia Blanks

DD contrast® meets DD Zirconia Blanks

DD zirconia blanks

Daily practice (Part 2) – Master dental technician Hans Joachim Lotz

» At first I was skeptical whether coloring and minimal layering in the monolithic area could compete with a ceramic veneered crown. With DD contrast® we achieve depth, surface, fluorescence, and the illusion of opalescence. With the use of DD contrast®, works can be produced that are comparable to layered constructions.
« Master dental technician Hans-Joachim Lotz Weikersheim, Germany

I will show you how you can achieve great results with little effort when coloring a molar and an anterior tooth made of DD cube ONE® ML and DD cubeX²® ML in combination with DD contrast®.
Even if the two zirconium oxide types would already be good enough without coloring, I would like to demonstrate what surface structures and contrasts can be achieved with DD contrast®.

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To the content of the tutorial video:

Coloring of an anterior tooth made of DD cubeX²® ML zirconia blanks in several firings to create more surface structure, different light reflections, gloss levels, and depth illusions.

Furthermore: the coloring of a molar made of DD cube ONE® ML for even more plastic work.


For a better surface structure and more plasticity, the applied pastes should be dried. To do this, hold the crown briefly in the open firing chamber of the ceramic furnace with tweezers or with the model.

The radiant heat of the furnace sucks part of the liquid out of the material, thus enabling the pastes to be modeled even more plastically. The surface structures are worked horizontally and vertically with a dry, pointed brush.

DD cubeX2® with the highest light transmission (Super High Translucent/SHT) in the material group is excellently suited for anterior aesthetics if the shade of the stump is lighter or does not deviate significantly from the desired tooth shade.

We recommend DD cube ONE® zirconia blanks and zirconia discs(High Translucent Plus/HT+) for bridges > 4 units or if slightly more masking is required.

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The perfect symbiosis

In terms of light and color dynamics, strength (indication), and opacity (residual stump situation), the Dental Direkt zirconia types offer all options. 

In particular, our monolithic zirconium oxides DD cubeX²® and DD cube ONE® offer the perfect basis for individualization and finishing with DD contrast® – the perfect symbiosis.

DD contrast® meets DD Zirconia Blanks
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