Get the Perfect Tooth Shade with the DD Shade Guide

Get the Perfect Tooth Shade with the DD Shade Guide

get the perfect tooth shade with DD shades guide

Looking for the perfect tooth shade? The small color universe of teeth can make it difficult to find your ideal match. But don’t fret, because, with your own individual shade guide from A1 to D4, you can achieve the shade of your dreams.
Even the most stable and functional dental material can be rejected by patients if it doesn’t match their desired shade or blend in seamlessly with their existing teeth. 

In fact, a 2013 pilot study found that incorrect tooth shade determinations and color corrections result in millions of dollars in additional costs for dental labs each year, not to mention extra time and effort for dental technicians, dentists, and patients alike.

(Source: Hassel, Alexander, Pilotuntersuchung: Fehler bei der Farbnahme kosten Zeit und Geld. ZMK aktuell, 08.03.2013; online:…).

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VITA tooth shades and their reproducibility

Enter VITA tooth shades, which are layered to mimic the natural tooth and can be found on the VITA classical A1-D4 shade guide. However, reproducing these shades accurately can be difficult due to the layering effect, particularly for monolithic and monochrome zirconium oxide works. But fear not! The solution is simple: make your own DD Shade Guide and achieve the perfect tooth shade every time.

Our solution: Make your own DD Shade Guide

Sources of error in color determination

1. Subjectivity of color perception
3. Transmission of information
2. Tooth morphology
4. The sintering and the sintering furnace

The tooth color or the perception of the tooth color is the result of an interplay between the incident light and the morphology of the tooth. A tooth is built up in different layers so that some parts of the incident light are scattered or reflected on the tooth surface and others are absorbed inside the tooth

The aesthetic success of a restoration is therefore not only dependent on the correct shade determination, but also on the correct layering of the tooth and the design of its shape and surface.


Our solution: Your own individual color code

Advantages of the DD Shade Guide at a glance:

  • Safe coloring 
  • perfect reproducibility
  • flexibility in the choice of materials

The DD Shade Guide – Set includes:

  • DD Shade Guide holder (8 or 16)
  • Sticks and fixation clips (number according to colors)
  • Stl. data record Zirconia tooth on a USB stick
  • The tooth units are NOT included

Make an individual shade guide that is tailored to the zirconium oxides used and your own workflow. In this way, the tooth shade is determined directly with the respective supply material. This ensures a much better expectation regarding the color effect and better reproducibility and thus minimizes the risk of a prosthetic failure due to an incorrect shade.

“In every dental laboratory process, there may be individual deviations in the final zirconium oxide color – A3 is not always A3. In addition to the color system used and the individual handling, factors relating to the sintering process (e.g. furnace chamber volume and furnace stock, real heating rates, and sintering end temperature) influence the color of the sintered dental restorations. That is why an individual shade guide makes sense for communication between the dentist and dental technician.” 

Lisa Freiberg, Product Manager

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Get the Perfect Tooth Shade with the DD Shade Guide
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