Coloring Liquids: Art or Science?  

Coloring Liquids: Art or Science?


With the DD Shade Concept® color liquid system for predictable aesthetics

The DD Shade Concept®Coloring Liquids consists of dentins and the DD Art Elements cutting and effects. The properties of the liquids are perfectly matched to the DD zirconium oxides. External studies confirm that coloring the zirconium dioxide has no negative effects on its strength.

The symbiosis of the two materials results in high process stability and optimal color effect. DD Shade Concept® liquids enable individual but reproducible coloring. The results are not an artistic product of chance, but rather predictable aesthetics based on a coordinated system of zirconium oxide and infiltration solutions.

REM pre-sintered microstructure We define the shape, size and distribution of the pore channels in the pre-sintered blank. This produces a specific capillary effect, which is optimal for the viscosity and infiltration of our liquid.

Besides being able to achieve a very individual application using brush technique (painting of the unsintered structure), the DD Shade Concept® system is ideal for the time-saving immersion technique. Thanks to the coordinated incisal/dentin liquids you can create color gradients from cervical to incisal in a way that is easy and can be reproduced.

1. Applying Incisal SO / SO Bright:

  • The SO incisal colors have been developed for the immersion technique. They “block” the areas where brightening is preferred.
  • The SO incisals can be used universally in combination with all dentin liquids.
  • In the upper cusp or incisal edge area, apply the incisal by applying 1 to 2 times

2. Dentin dipping process

  • The structure is carefully placed in the sieve insert of the e.g. DD Color Box with the aid of plastic tweezers.
  • When dipping, the dentin and incisal colors are mixed, creating a smooth transition between the two areas.

3. Finished

  • In addition to a flowing color gradient, you also achieve an increase in translucency compared to the dentin body.
  • Our effect colors are suitable for further accents in combination with the brush technique in the occlusal, incisal, and cervical areas or for gingival staining
  • The individualization of a 14-unit bridge with a gingiva component can be viewed here: Liquid Workflow DD cube ONE®

Selecting the perfect dentin color

Our DD Basic Shade® enables lean storage. You only need one Dentin Liquid series to color four zirconium oxides. The ProShades are optimized even more for the material-specific translucency of DD zirconium oxides and are particularly suitable for monolithic work. The following overview will help you to choose the right color.

Coloring Liquids: Art or Science?  
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