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Crowns for Teeth process build up the design of the tooth. It improves the function of the tooth and it is also used for capping or covering the tooth after a root canal treatment or used to Cover Broken tooth. Teeth crowns are usually made up of a variety of materials. Whereas today most of the crowns are Ceramic crowns . Ceramic crowns can be Layered over Zirconia or Fused with Metal or Gold .

Zirconia crowns provide amazing results. It makes your teeth and smile more appealing. It is the most preferred material for Dental crowns. At Dental Direkt, We provide good quality CAD / CAM Zirconia crowns. Zirconia crown is a Metal Free crown that has long durability and has high Strength. It looks natural as compared to other conventional Metal – Ceramic crowns . And these qualities make it the preferred choice among the Dental crowns. Zirconia crowns of Dental Direkt come with 20 years- Lifetime warranty.

Reasons To Have Certified Zirconium Crown For Dental Treatment

Do I Really Need Zirconia Crown After RCT?

Does RCT Cause Health Issues ?

Are You Still Using Non Certified Zirconia Teeth Caps ?


Ceramic Crowns

Metal Crowns

Why Zirconia Crowns Are Best Option For Tooth Restoration

Zirconia crowns are reliable and permanent solution for major dental issues caused due to accidents and diseases. Most of the problems like broken, damaged, misshapen teeth can be solved with crowning. Even in case if accidental damage that has caused teeth lost or broken teeth due to excessive wear, old filling breakage the porcelain crowns are best solution that stays for long and provide natural look with strength given to tooth for resuming its functioning.

Even if the patients have problem of unexplained pain in filled back teeth due to hairline cracks in the chewing part then dental crowns can not only relieves pain but also restore the functioning of teeth. In frontal filled teeth patient can face the problem of weakening in teeth and appearance issue in those teeth after sometime due to staining or chipping then porcelain crown treatment can be best solution that can give natural look.

Even the Zirconia crowns are used to protect tooth after root canal treatment.

Why Choose Dental Direkt Zirconia Teeth Caps/Crowns

Life Time Warranty

Made in Germany 

Natural Look

Painless Treatment


High Strength



FAQs About Zirconia Crowns

Q:-What are the types of Zirconia Crowns?

Ans:- There are two types of Zirconia crown : Solid Zirconia and Translucent Zirconia crown . Solid Zirconia crowns are highly strong and opaque .They are best suited for the back teeth as they can withstand heavy chewing forces easily. 

And on the other hand Translucent Zirconia crowns are more aesthetic and are less strong as compared to Solid Zirconia crowns. They are best suited for the front tooth Where the importance is on Naturalization and the forces of chewing is less. There are so many brands of Zirconia crowns such as , 3MLava, Dental Direkt etc.

Q:- How do I choose the type of Zirconia Crown?


Ans:- Mainly the choice of crowns basically depends upon the tooth i.e. Front tooth or Back Tooth. Number of the teeth to be replaced in case of bridge, the warranty period and definitely depend on spent  by the patient. 

As your dentist will suggest the best type of crown for you based on the above parameters. It is suggested that your dentist gives you some options based on your spend preference.


Q:-How Much Does a Zirconia Crown Cost?

Ans:- The cost of a Branded Zirconia crown ranges between INR 10000 up to INR 25000. All Zirconia crowns come with a warranty of at least 10 years to lifetime depending upon the type.

Q:-Can a Zirconia Crown be given for kids?
Ans:- YES however, unlike Zirconia crown for adults which are custom made with measurements, Zirconia crown for kids are pre-fabricated and is readily available for both front and back teeth.

Q:-Can the Zirconia crown change colour ?
Ans:- No, If you take proper Oral hygiene , Zirconia crown does not change colour.

Q:-How many visits will it take to get a Zirconia Crown?

Ans:-Any crown fitting required two meetings with a time period of 3 – 5 days. Depending on the number of teeth. On the first visit the shape of the tooth and the measurement is made for the CAD designing.

The measurement is scanned using CAD and the crown is specially made for each tooth separately.

And on the Second visit , the dentist will fit the crown permanently. Sometimes for the front teeth or in case of multiple teeth replacement . A fit check and /or shade check appointment will be required in order to get the perfect results.

Q:-Is there any warranty on Zirconia Crowns?
Ans:- Yes , Absolutely ! Zirconia crowns have a minimum warranty of at least 10 years . Some of the premium crowns have lifetime warranty. 

When there are chips or breaks in the crown, the crown is replaced free of cost to the patient. But the warranty policy is not applicable if the tooth crowns broke by an accident or decay from poor oral hygiene.

Q:-How long will a Zirconia crown last?

Ans:- The Zirconia teeth life will last for 15-20 years without any problem. The life of the zirconia crowns is mostly depend upon the oral hygiene maintenance and preciseness with which the dental care instructions are followed by the patient.

Q:-What are the disadvantages of a Zirconia Crown?

Ans:- The two main disadvantages of Zirconia crowns are as follows :
Zirconia crowns are more expensive than regular metal-ceramic crowns.

Q:-What are the other options available for crowns on teeth?
Ans:- Sometimes a limited budget might make Zirconia crowns appear to be more costly. While in current dental practice  Zirconia crown is metal free definitely the better choice, there are other less expensive crown options available such as metal-ceramic crowns.

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